Virtual Work Experience


Virtual work experience in Sustainability, TV & Film, Construction, Technology… and more! Places are limited so make sure you apply well in advance to ensure your place.

To help you decide whether this is the right opportunity for you, watch this video:

1. On  the website, under 'Status' make sure you select 'Open' to view only opportunities which you apply for now
2. Once you have selected the placement you're interested in, check that it is taking place in the February half term and click 'Apply Now'
3. You have to create an account before you can apply for the placement
4. Apply! Ask at the careers office any questions about applying

Somerset Education Business Partnership Industry Insights on Demand

There are four different courses you can take on this website about careers in Health and Wellbeing, Engineering and Manufacturing, Environment, Plants and Animals and Digital.

1. Choose the course you want to take
2. Create an account
3. Work through the course at your own pace
4. Save/print your certificate of completion at the end and send it to the careers office to receive your ePraise points

Barclays LifeSkills

This is an interactive video that shows you around different departments in a workplace - you can access it after you have created a LifeSkills account.

Hinckley Point C

Students who are interested in applying to work at Hinckley Point C or construction and engineering as an apprentice, should consider completing this virtual work experience.


Brighton and Sussex Medical School

'Becoming a Doctor' is a virtual work experience opportunity for anyone thinking of a career in healthcare.  You will be taken through six areas of medicine and explore the roles, skills and challenges of working as a doctor today.  The course is free, takes up to 30 hours to complete and students will receive a certificate at the end.

GP Live

Live online GP work experience for students aged 15+. During the course, students will take actual patient histories, form diagnoses, order tests and scans and suggest treatment plans. It does have a cost of £195 associated with it, but students will receive a certificate on completion.


Halliday Fraser Munro

Suitable for Years 10 and 12, this a free work experience opportunity that includes learning how to use a free version of SketchUp, and designing a house for a celebrity. It takes around 15 hours to complete, and students will receive a certificate when they finish, if they submit their files from the tasks.

Digital Technologies


On this website, you will find a number of mini courses in subjects including coding and cyber security. If students complete enough points in the same section, they will obtain an online badge. The time this takes is dependent on the number of units you wish to complete.