Our Blue in beautiful Somerset
Together, we'll enjoy sports
Together, we'll listen
Together, we'll focus
Together, we'll develop skills
Together, we’ll enrich
Together, we'll discover
Together, we'll learn
Together, we'll create
Together, we'll succeed
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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to The Blue School website. The Blue is a remarkable school. Our school is built around our collective community of wonderful individuals, working toward a shared vision. That makes our school a vibrant and exciting place to study and work.
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@BlueSchoolWells - 14th Jul 2021

@BlueSchoolWells - 14th Jul 2021
“We’re all set for enrichment activities. Lovely day for it 🌞” https://t.co/B9l5m2hhBB
@BlueSchoolWells - 13th Jul 2021
We have a considerable amount of donated uniform, mainly jumpers and boys PE kit. Sorry NO Ties. If you would like to have a spare jumper, please contact the school.
@BlueSchoolWells - 13th Jul 2021
Lost property and Donated Uniform The Blue School has a considerable amount of lost property, please look through the photos and if you spot anything to reclaim, please email the school and we will do our best to get items back to students. https://t.co/A3suUfW7F7
@BlueSchoolWells - 8th Jul 2021
We want to know more about what it is like to live in Somerset if you have learning disabilities and/or are an autistic person. Please take part in the consultation until 12/07/2021. The consultation is open to anyone aged 14 and over. https://t.co/8h55LdkdfJ
@BlueSchoolWells - 6th Jul 2021
Do you want to learn more about Kooth and how we support young people in Somerset & North Somerset? We want parents and carers to feel confident in our service and the support we provide for young people in Somerset and North Somerset. https://t.co/HXDVvi9gLj
@BlueSchoolWells - 30th Jun 2021
A virtual event aimed at all Somerset young people who are leaving Yr 11 this year 2021. SomersetWorks has put together a programme of fun, interesting, supportive and informative activities to support you in your journey to Post 16. Registration link: https://t.co/Dx04IiPV3c
@BlueSchoolWells - 27th Jun 2021
We’ve had to close the school to the Y10 bubble on Mon 28 June. Please read the email sent to parents/carers by Mr Woodlock or see our website: https://t.co/2nGecfxB5L
@BlueSchoolWells - 24th May 2021
Working with the Community! Thank you to everyone so far who has completed the Google Form below. Please complete if you haven't done so yet and think you can in some way support our students. Thank you! https://t.co/Yr4Esfuu1F
@BlueSchoolWells - 24th May 2021
Thank you to everyone who has been in touch so far. The Blue School is proud to have so many successful and inspirational ex-students! If you haven't been in touch yet and think you, or someone you know could help motivate and inspire our students, please email us.
@BlueSchoolWells - 17th May 2021
Help us Inspire our Students! We want to show them examples of ex Blue School students who have gone on to do and achieve inspirational things! We want examples of inspirational alumni to show them what they can achieve. Please email us office.somerset.sch.uk with examples.
@BlueSchoolWells - 10th May 2021
Please take a look at our current vacancies on the The Blue school website. We are looking for teachers in the following departments - Religion & Philosophy (maternity cover), Science, PE and a Duty Manager for Wells Blue Sports Centre. https://t.co/jBx3R4HeAO
@BlueSchoolWells - 5th May 2021
The Blue School is Your School! We want to work more closely with you for the benefit of our students and the community of Wells and the surrounding area. Please spend some time completing our short survey. https://t.co/Yr4Esfuu1F
@BlueSchoolWells - 5th May 2021
Free webinar for parents: Helping Your Child Overcome Maths Anxiety & Build Mathematical Resilience, aimed at parents of children aged 9 to 14. https://t.co/KO6xWCF0sf

@BlueSchoolWells - 30th Apr 2021

@BlueSchoolWells - 30th Apr 2021
School Production 2022 - Auditions start Monday see attached for further info https://t.co/mEeqwqJUUD
@BlueSchoolWells - 26th Apr 2021
Please take a look at our current vacancies on The Blue School Website. We are looking for a Deputy Team Leader - Science (Head of Chemistry). https://t.co/jBx3R4HeAO
@BlueSchoolWells - 30th Mar 2021
Please take a look at our current vacancies on The Blue School Website. We are looking for a Careers' Co-Ordinator. https://t.co/jBx3R4HeAO
@BlueSchoolWells - 23rd Mar 2021
Please take a look at our current vacancies on The Blue School Website. We are looking for a Teaching Assistant to join our support staff team. https://t.co/jBx3R4HeAO
@BlueSchoolWells - 19th Mar 2021
Please find below a link regarding outdoor seating areas for the students. https://t.co/es5pv8SLnU

@BlueSchoolWells - 19th Mar 2021

@BlueSchoolWells - 19th Mar 2021
We’re dishing out home testing kits whilst supporting ⁦⁩ today by wearing the . Mr Shaddick has really gone for it! https://t.co/LSGH1upRIj
@BlueSchoolWells - 17th Mar 2021
This Friday (19th March) is Comic Relief day. We will be holding a "funny shoes day" at The Blue School in aid of the event. Any donations will be welcome. Prizes for the funniest shoes! Cookies will also be sold via e-praise with 20p from every cookie sold going to