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School WiFi, Email & Epraise


Our WiFi network service is available in all areas of the school.  It provides filtered access to the internet (the same as on student PCs in classrooms).  You are not allowed to use websites, tools or apps on your device that bypass the school filtering.

You can connect to our WiFi by selecting the network name TheBlueSchoolWells on your smartphone, other handheld device or laptop.

Enter your usual school network username and password when prompted.  You may need to select 'Do not validate' under Online certifcate status option.

You may need to apply a security certificate on your device to allow it to access the internet over the school network and to do a google search.  Please use this link for information about how to do this:https://www.rm.com/googlessl .

School rules and our Acceptable Use Policy still apply when using the WiFi network which you can review here.

IMPORTANT NOTES - If your school network password has expired, WiFi on your device will not connect until you have changed it.  You can only do this by using a school computer.  Also, when your school network account password changes (or you have your network username changed) you will need to change the WiFi settings on your device to match.

Gmail - Google Apps, including Google Classroom

You are provided with your own, personal school GoogleApps account.  It is for you to use whilst you remain a pupil at The Blue. 

It provides you with a GMail email account as well as a 'Cloud Storage' area know as G Drive and also access to some other online applications such as Google Classroom.

To use your GoogleApps, login to Google and Gmail using your Google username and password:

   - Username is typically in the format firstname.lastname@theblueschoolwells.co.uk

   - Your Google password is the same as your school network password as they are synchronised.

NOTE - Our Gmail system is a closed system which means you can use it to email each other and to email staff when appropriate.  Otherwise you will only be able to exchange emails with other pre-approved external email accounts which are outside the school environment.  Email traffic may be monitored for your safety and moderated for use of inappropriate language and topics.


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