History of the School

The history of our school dates back to 1641 when it was established as a charitable foundation by Margaret Barkham the wife of a local churchman, Ezekial, respecting the legacy wish of her late husband to provide an education for children of St Cuthbert’s Parish in Wells.

The Blue School has always been for the children of our local, wider community.

It is understood that our name was derived some time after foundation as a result of the blue dyed uniforms that were eventually provided for pupils at that time.  Numbers were few to begin with and all male, but thankfully this changed in the 20th Century to gradually become the larger, co-educational provision seen today.

Our students are encouraged to take pride in the school's history, which is celebrated annually by each Year 7 in a Founder's Day Service at St Cuthbert’s Church, our school’s church.  The aim of this simple service is to place Year 7 into a community that goes a long way back and will continue on after they have left the school.  The service aims to make explicit the value of community and for each of us to reflect on our part in making one where the values of respect, compassion, co-operation and forgiveness are lived out.

The school has been located in various buildings around Wells over the last 380 years.  But in the 1950s a new “state of the art” purpose built Blue School (Kennion) was erected to the north of the City at the foot of the Mendip Hills.   In the late 1960s, a new Milton School was built adjacent to The Blue School with only the West Mendip Way to provide separation.  Some of our local community still remember their “meetings with the other side” on this path at the end of the school day.

In the early 1970s when the Government raised the school leaving age to 16, it was decided to merge both schools into one secondary, comprehensive provision for Wells to be called The Blue School.  The campus today of 35 acres reflects the 1950’s “Kennion” building (named after Bishop of Bath and Wells George Kennion 1845-1922) and the 1960’s Milton School.  Middle blocks were erected as part of this “bringing together” of the two school buildings and were subsequently named after the long-standing Headteacher of the 1980s, Ken Bailey and the two Hanwell brothers, who taught for many years at the school up to the early 1990s. 

In the 1990’s Wells Road Bypass was built by Somerset County Council, slicing off the southern part of the school’s playing field but providing some money to build Wells Blue Sports Centre on the School site, opening in 1999.   But it was not until Steve Jackson took over as Headteacher in 1999 that work started in earnest on completing the modelling of the buildings on-site into one campus.  This was helped significantly in 2007, when a new Science extension was erected to the Kennion building, expanding much needed specialist facilities.

Reflecting the obvious historic oversight, the latest significant build on site in 2012, a 4 classroom teaching block, was named after The Blue School’s founders - Margaret and Ezekial Barkham.  Taking pride of place in the centre of the campus, the Barkham building contains brickwork found on both Milton and Kennion, representing the final chapter in bringing the physical campus together as one school.

After over 350 years of educating the children of Wells and surrounding areas, the future appears to be secure, The Blue continuing to thrive as one of the largest, state maintained, all inclusive 11-18 year schools in Somerset.


Latest Tweets

@BlueSchoolWells - 20th Jan 2022
Please take a look at our current vacancies on The Blue School website. We are looking for a Teaching Assistant, Careers Co-ordinator (Maternity Leave cover), Cover Supervisor, Estates Maintenance Technician and Exam Invigilators.
@BlueSchoolWells - 12th Jan 2022
Please take a look at our current vacancies on The Blue School website. We are looking for a Team Leader of Physical Education.
@BlueSchoolWells - 12th Jan 2022
The school production of Matilda The Musical will be running from 15/2 - 18/2/2022. Tickets are available to purchase from the school Reception. Tickets cost - £5 Students & Concessions £7 Adults Tickets are selling fast!!

@BlueSchoolWells - 21st Dec 2021

@BlueSchoolWells - 21st Dec 2021
The Blue School Christmas Carol Service 2021 can be watched here: Merry Christmas to everyone in our school community.
@BlueSchoolWells - 14th Dec 2021
Today's act of kindness is to make or buy a friend or family member a hot drink.
@BlueSchoolWells - 13th Dec 2021
Day 8 - Today's act of kindness is to smile and say hello to everyone you walk past today in school.
@BlueSchoolWells - 9th Dec 2021
Day 7 - Today's act of kindness is to say thank you to a member of staff that helps you.
@BlueSchoolWells - 8th Dec 2021
Day 6 - Today's act of kindness is to speak to someone new at break or lunch

@BlueSchoolWells - 7th Dec 2021

@BlueSchoolWells - 7th Dec 2021
The Bishop's Palace Christmas event is now open. Families who wish to visit can buy a ticket for £15 (valid for 12 mths). The 'Angel Wings' made by Year 7 are on display there and you can have your photograph taken in front of them.
@BlueSchoolWells - 7th Dec 2021
Day 5 - Today's act of kindness is to put food out for the birds in your garden or local park.
@BlueSchoolWells - 6th Dec 2021
We have over 60 unnamed winter coats in our Lost Property cupboard. Please ensure you write your child’s name in all of their school belongings so that we can return them. Many Thanks
@BlueSchoolWells - 6th Dec 2021
Day 4 - Today's act of kindness is to pick up and put in the bin or recycle a piece of rubbish. Make our environment a more pleasant place.

@BlueSchoolWells - 3rd Dec 2021

@BlueSchoolWells - 3rd Dec 2021
What a great start to our twelve days of kindness! We've had lots of positivity throughout the school. Our Year 13 students have spent time taking part in Amnesty International's 'Write For Rights'Sphere."
@BlueSchoolWells - 3rd Dec 2021
Next Friday 10th December we will be collecting gifts for the YMCA Christmas Stocking. We will also be asking students to wear Christmas jumpers and make a donation for Save the Children. Jumpers should be worn over their uniform and their ties should be visible.
@BlueSchoolWells - 3rd Dec 2021
Day 3 - Today's act of kindness is to compliment a member of staff. Let them know you appreciate them.
@BlueSchoolWells - 2nd Dec 2021
Day 2 - Today's act of kindness is to compliment a family member or friend. Let them know why they are special to you.
@BlueSchoolWells - 1st Dec 2021
Today's act of kindness is to compliment yourself. Let yourself know what makes you a fantastic person.

@BlueSchoolWells - 30th Nov 2021

@BlueSchoolWells - 30th Nov 2021
Tomorrow, we begin our count down to the end of term with '12 Days of Kindness'. Each day we will all be asked to participate in one small act of kindness.
@BlueSchoolWells - 16th Nov 2021
Please see our website for current job vacancies

@BlueSchoolWells - 11th Nov 2021

@BlueSchoolWells - 11th Nov 2021
A fitting and respectful gathering by the students and staff. We will remember them