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SCOPAY Online Payments

SCOPAY is a convenient way for parents/carers to make payments to the school.  Such payments include top-up catering balances, voluntary contributions to trips and enrichment activities, PTA lottery tickets and voluntary contributions for additional equipment and resources for your child in practical subjects.
Click here to visit the SCOPAY websiteSCOPAY enables the use of a credit/debit card online. Any refunds are automatically made to the card used to make the payment via SCOPAY.

If you have not received, or have lost, your personal SCOPAY Blue School Introductory letter, including details of how to set-up your account, please contact the school's Finance Office on 01749 836262.


If parents/carers have already given their permission for their child to attend trips/activities during their time at The Blue (as indicated on the Consent Form completed when your child joins The Blue) no further permission is required. However, if permission has not been given on the Consent Form, by making payment for an activity via SCOPAY, parents/carers have given their permission for their child to attend/partake in that trip/activity. Permission means that you are confirming that you have read, fully understood and are satisfied with details supplied regarding the trip/activity and agree to your child taking part and that you know of no medical reason why your child should not participate.