Business Studies

Business Studies is not taught at Key Stage 3, however a unit of work/project will be added to Y9 Computing lessons to introduce the key concept of business and promote the subject for future year groups.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 the department offers students the opportunity to study Level 2 BTEC Tech Award Enterprise.  The aim of this course is to give students an overview of the world of business.  Students will learn how the economy affects business through interest rates, recession and exchange rates and the importance of keeping accurate financial records.  The course also aims to give students the opportunity to start their own business as well as meet and learn from the real business world.  There are three units of work:      

Component 1: Exploring enterprises 

This unit examines the characteristics of enterprises, explores how market research helps enterprises to meet customer needs, understand competitor behavior and investigate the factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise 

Component 2: Planning for and Pitching an Enterprise Activity  

This unit explore business ideas and requires the students to plan and pitch a small business idea in a Dragons Den style presentation.   

Component 3: Promotion and finance 

This unit requires students to analyse and interpret information in relation to an enterprise and to make recommendations on strategies to use to improve the performance of the enterprise.  This is an externally assessed examination that will be completed in Year 11.   

During the three year course, students have the opportunity to study for a single award qualification and will be able to achieve a Level 2 Distinction* - Level 1 Pass (equivalent to a GCSE grade 8-1).   

This is a Pearson Edexcel vocational course and has the following grading structure: 

BTEC Grade gcse grade equivalent
L2 Distinction * Awarded by exam board
L2 Distinction 7/8
L2 Merit 5/6
L2 Pass 4/5
L1 Merit 3
L1 Pass 1

Exam Board Information

Awarding body: Edexcel

Qualification type: BTEC

Specification title: Tech Award in Enterprise

QN: 603/1916/1