Religion & Philosophy

The Religion and Philosophy Department is proud of its focus on developing students who are religiously literate whilst being open-minded. We agree with the Department for Education that RP is an important curriculum subject in its own right, yet also makes a unique contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and supports wider community cohesion.

Key Stage 3

Our schemes of work are informed by the Somerset SACRE Agreed Syllabus for Religion and Philosophy. This is designed for students of any faith or none at all. Christianity is the focus of our syllabus, combined with the study of the other major religions found in the UK. Considerable weight is given to non-religious responses to the questions posed. 

Our aim is for students to learn about and learn from religion. A wide range of teaching methods are used. Students are taught in their mixed ability tutor groups during Y7. 

How can you help? The modern RP syllabus emphasises a variety of ideas and opinions. Please be prepared for your child to discuss what you and they and others think as part of their homework. An acceptance of the subject matter and a willingness to be open-minded about the broad range of issues that are covered in RP is essential. 

Year 7 Topics 

  • History of Religion 
  • Significance of Jesus 
  • Sikhism 
  • Buddhism 
  • Religious responses to ethical issues 

Year 8 Topics 

  • Islam – Beliefs and Practices 
  • Christianity - Beliefs and role models 
  • Moral Philosophy – key scholars; is it ever right to kill? 

Year 9 Topics 

  • Existence of God 
  • Religion and Life 
  • Buddhism – beliefs and application 
  • Relationships and families 
  • Human Rights

Key Stage 4