Modern Languages

We are passionate about learning foreign languages and we believe that even a little knowledge of a foreign language can make a difference when you go to other countries or meet people of other nationalities.

Key Stage 3

In KS3 at The Blue School your child will have the chance to study aspects of the language and culture of French or Spanish. 

In KS3 we use the course book Allez for French and Claro for Spanish and both are designed to give students a broad basis in the foreign language and a sound grammatical knowledge on which to continue further study. Each student will have online access to resources to support the text book. 

We aim to put Y7 students at their ease when they begin learning languages at The Blue School, irrespective of the amount that they may have studied at primary school. Y7 is taught in mixed ability groups. Throughout Y7 students at The Blue School learn French and Spanish, however, some students for whom it is more appropriate may concentrate on solely Spanish. Homework is set at least once a week and will encompass a variety of tasks which include learning vocabulary, learning a written paragraph, research, writing a paragraph or preparing spoken answers to questions. 

Y8 students will choose to continue studying either French or Spanish. Students will have online access to resources to support the text book. Homework will take a variety of forms and may include research, reading comprehensions and using online programmes to consolidate vocabulary and grammar. 

Y9 students will continue to learn their chosen language throughoutAfter Easter in year 9 students will be beginning the GCSE text book in their chosen language.

Key Stage 4