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Art lessons at the Blue School are designed to nurture creativity and independent inquiry through well-structured units of work. Work will be explored in students’ personal sketchbooks, whilst extended project work will be celebrated through whole school display and subsequently available to take home. Students also have the opportunity to contribute to whole school exhibitions in our Milton Gallery, which showcases work from all year groups.

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Key Stage 3

Our students follow a skills’ based course that will aim to encourage the development of their drawing, painting, 3D making, print and critical studies. We will provide students with a sketchbook and any specialist equipment. Students will use their sketchbooks for looking and drawing, exploring materials, collecting information and developing their own ideas and feelings. Assessment is an integral part of understanding how to improve in Art and Design; projects are accompanied with success criteria to enable students to build on their abilities and confidence in a range of materials and approaches to their work. Progress and achievement are tracked in students’ sketchbooks which evolve into a valuable document of the development of skills and understanding.

Sketchbooks are also used for homework, which is set in accordance with the homework timetable and should take about an hour to complete; often students will choose to spend longer. Art catch-up clubs at lunchtime offer students the opportunity to refine skills further, as an extension for classwork or homework, or providing fresh challenges with a rolling programme of creative projects offering both independent and collaborative outcomes.

You can help by encouraging your child to complete homework that has been set in class; you are welcome to add constructive written comments about their sketchbook work. Ensuring that he/she comes to lessons prepared with their sketchbook, a soft drawing pencil, a rubber, a ruler and colouring materials such as felt tip pens or colouring pencils will certainly support their work.

In the modern world of digital media, students will be challenged to make use of images, photographs and research using the internet. Whilst internet access at home is beneficial to students, we realise this may not always be available and offer open access to computers, printers and digital cameras on the school premises. These will be accessed during lessons, but are also available for extended use during break and lunchtimes. Printing provision for classwork, homework and research are essential resources available in the department.

Key Stage 4

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