GCSE Exam Results 2021

Blog Header Image Posted on: 12th Aug 2021

The Blue School: GCSE results 2021

Year 11 students at The Blue School have justified their hard work and tenacity with an excellent set of GCSE results this week.

These past two academic years have presented these students with a wide range of challenges that went beyond the traditional academic tests.  It is to their credit that these students have faced these difficulties with a positive approach and have found themselves rewarded with some rightfully strong grades.

Headteacher, Mark Woodlock, commented, ‘As a school, we are very proud of this cohort of young people and the way in which they have managed the last two years.  Their GCSE grades – properly awarded following a wide range of assessments and external moderation – should give them a great sense of achievement.  In gaining these grades, they have set themselves up for the next steps in their education and careers.

‘It would be easy to believe that this was just a story about the pandemic.  However, hidden inside these grades are numerous individual stories of many personal challenges, of demons that needed to be vanquished and epic quests that needed to be fulfilled.  That is true for staff, as much as for the students and their families.  We congratulate them all on reaching this point with such grace and determination.

‘We thank all of those, inside and outside school, who have supported these students during the last few years and who have helped them to fulfil their potential.’