A Level Exam Results 2021

Blog Header Image Posted on: 12th Aug 2021

‘Blue School A Level results’

The Blue School are very proud of our students for the excellent results that they have received this week in their A Levels and BTECs.

With a host of unique and challenging circumstances, this cohort of students were judged this year on a range of the qualities that matter.  Rather than the traditional set of summer exams, these students were fully assessed on performance over a much longer period of time.  To achieve at their high level required resilience, tenacity and a proper sense of perspective on the wider social circumstances from the last two years.

The vast majority of our students have achieved their first choice university place or are able to embark upon their chosen career path.  These include a number of places at the most competitive universities and courses across the country, including Oxbridge and medicine, and a wide range of courses and careers.

Headteacher, Mark Woodlock, commented, ‘I am extremely proud of the achievements of all of our students this year.  That is true for both the individuals themselves and for the teachers and school staff that have supported them to get to this point.  We hope that these results will give them the best platform for the next steps in their education and careers.  Equally, as a group of positive role models, we are delighted with the example that they will continue to set.

‘These results are the product of our educational and local community, of which we consider ourselves a key part.  We thank all of those who have supported these students during their time at school.  We believe that our community should be justifiably proud of its students and of the school that serves Wells and the surrounding area.’