Catering at The Blue

The Blue provides a catering service to students, staff and visitors via five serveries located throughout the campus, from 8am to 2pm every school day.    Led by Lisa Western, our Catering Team works hard to produce appealing and delicious meals and snacks whilst meeting the government's nutrition regulations for food served in schools. 

Please click to find out more about just some of the freshly made meals and snacks available.

Cashless Catering

Every student joining The Blue has a personal catering account set up for them.  To speed up service, we use a Cashless Catering System where no money payment is made at the tills.  Instead students can register their purchase by use of their right hand thumb (biometric "3 points on the thumb tip" recognition) or by entering their unique, individual pin number.  Their personal catering account is immediately debited with the total amount of their purchase. Parents/carers can top-up (credit) their child's catering account via SCOPAY Online payments, (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) allowing up to 15 minutes before their child expects to make a purchase.  In school, students can top-up their catering account by cash at one of two pay stations located in Milton Galleries and Kennion Vestibule.

There are strict rules regarding the use of biometrics in schools - click here for government guidance.  The consent of the child and one of their parents/legal carers is required before their biometric data can be collected and processed.  If one parent/carer objects in writing (even if the other has approved), no biometric data can be taken.  For details of how to consent, including FAQs on biometrics, please click here.  Parents/carers wishing to not give or subsequently withdraw consent should do so in writing addressed to the Finance Office at The Blue School.  In such cases, students will then be issued with their unique individual pin number for keying in at the till point instead of using their thumb.  

The aim of Cashless Catering is to speed up service at the tills thereby reducing queuing time.  With over 70% of students now using their thumbs we aim to improve the catering experience for all during the morning break and lunch-time.


We aim for our catering service to break-even, income collected covering the cost of staff, equipment and ingredients.  We do not use funds for learning to support our catering provision.  However, we know that students do not learn well if they are hungry or have bought less healthy sweets, snacks or drinks elsewhere!  Accordingly, our prices are set as low as possible, whilst trying to achieve a break-even financial position every year.  Any surplus achieved is re-invested in replacement kitchen equipment.    

Cafe Bar Tariff/Menu
Bailey Hall Tariff/Menu

For most students, we would recommend a minimum daily spend of £2.45, which will guarantee a main meal with pudding at lunch-time (or equivalent at morning break-time).  We set a default £5.00 spend per day for all new students, which will enable students to have a meal deal with a drink or an additional snack.  We are fully aware of the costs to families that can mount up, so parents/carers can choose to change their child's daily limit by returning this form to Reception or any of the Catering Servery Points.  

Free School Meals

Please click for information about student entitlement to free school meals.

Allergen and Nutritional Information

We are aware that many of our students have allergies towards certain food ingredients, which could result in minor to more serious reactions if eaten.  For ingredient allergen information about the food served at The Blue please click here

Allergy alerts are flagged up to the operator when a student presents their purchases at the till.   Although we expect students to take responsibility for their own dietary needs, this flag will help us to avoid students eating something that might give them an allergic reaction.  Parents/carers are asked to keep the school informed if there is an update to their child's dietary requirements since the Starter Form was completed.  

If parents/carers have any concerns about the their child's allergies and/or wish to discuss dietary requirements, please contact Lisa Western on 01749 836228.