Safeguarding and SHARP

The school considers your safeguarding and child protection to be of the highest priority.

SHARP (School Help Advice Reporting Page)

If you have a concern you can use the school's SHARP system to report it.   So if you are being bullied, or someone is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe in or outside of school, or you want to pass on information about a friend that you are worried about, use SHARP by clicking on the logo or link below.

The SHARP site allows you to retain anonymity, if preferred.  This is a CONFIDENTIAL way to stop YOU or a FRIEND or SOMEONE you have seen from SUFFERING...

No issue is too small and you are not wasting anybody's time.  If you are worried .... REPORT it and get the HELP!

Click here to go to our SHARP site

Click here to see general information about SHARP


Don't forget that you can always talk to any member of staff about your concern - your tutor, pastoral team leader, subject teacher or member of the support staff that you know.  They may not be able to help you themselves but will ensure that the right people are told so that the right help can be given.  You can also contact a member of the safeguarding team direct - Miss Cox or Miss Castle (ask to see at the Pastoral Office), Mr Harvey (ask to see at Reception), Mrs Ramsay (ask to see in Hanwell SEN) or Mrs Allan (office in Milton next to MG-2).


You can also contact our Safeguarding Governor, Mrs Bradley, via email:

  Child Protection Governor email link


If your concern is about how the school is or is not doing something that is making you feel unsafe or unhappy, then you can always raise a complaint.

Click here if you have a concern that you feel would be best addressed via the school's complaints policy.