Blue School Council (BSC) / Learn to Lead

Independent research by the University of Cambridge highlighted the impact of the innovative approach to Pupil Participation developed by staff and students at the Blue School. This has now been adopted by over 150 schools nationally and is called Learn to lead.


Benefits for individuals:

         Have a stronger sense of commitment to their learning and school

         Acquire social, organisational and communication skills

         Develop confidence and become more aware of their strengths and talents

         Enjoy learning, develop a positive approach to challenges and are more willing to try new things and take risks.

Benefits for the school:

         Enjoy more respectful, collaborative relationship with teachers and students and an improved school environment

Benefits for the wider community:

         Enjoys stronger relationships and engagement from the school and community members

Since then the involvement of Blue School students has grown rapidly to its present size of 22 teams covering every aspect of the life of the school and beyond, from the Toilet Team to the Beautiful School Team, the Dyslexia Support Team to the Zashirye Link Team. There are 300+ students involved.

The ethos of respect and shared ownership of the school with the students has been best exemplified by the allocation of office space for the students activities. Over the ten years since the start of the programme in this school, the students work has so expanded to entail movement three times needing ever bigger office space, culminating in the purpose built centre they now occupy. Sir Tim Brighouse formally opened the building which houses a large hexagonal meeting room, an IT suite for students research and communications, an inviting comfortable entrance foyer, a kitchen and studio for their Radio Station. In effect the building feels much like a student union hub in a university and is alive with student activity.

The BSC Centre now provides an inspiring example, and has recently been the venue for the secondary Learn to Lead training, sharing the tools and processes with teachers from other schools, and providing direct experience of the dynamic outcomes possible when young people are given the opportunity to not just have a say but do!

The Garden Team carrying out their Autumn 'Garden Blitz'!

The Radio Team working with Mid Somerset Amateur Radio Club - talking to operators all over Europe, learning Morse Code and making circuits.

The Chicken Team taking delivery of their seven new Bantams.  All very pleased!

The new BSC Wildlife Team have just completed their Team Review & Planning Session.  Lots of good plans made...  watch out wildlife!

The Eco Team completing their 'Review & Planning Meeting' using 'Hexies' and 'The Sticky Wall'.

The Orchard Team carrying out their Autumn Blitz!

The Fitness Cuisine Team making and selling their elderflower fizz.

The Garlic Team trying to make rope and visiting Year 6 students meet Dolly the tortoise!

Our 'Orchard Team' hard at work in an Orchard Care Masterclass here at The Blue. A lovely sunny day!

Russian Lessons organised by the Zashirye Link Team which run every Friday after school in the BSC Centre.

A Blue Lounge Radio Project Member interviewing Wells Mayoress, Sarah Briton, on WOW day 2015.

The BSC Rockets Team demonstrating one of their quadcopters to a group of visiting staff on Learn to Lead training.

In April 2018 Y7 students continued a school tradition and gathered in the orchard to plant apple trees which represent each Y7 tutor group.