File naming convention

Problems can occur due to limitations and differences between internet browsers and website hosts.

This is because they interpret non-standard characters in different ways and in turn, this leads to the associated resource being inaccessible via browser based systems.
We see this both with school network based file access via Moodle and also via links on the school website.


Please ensure that the files and folders you create avoid the use of non-standard UK alphanumeric characters.

For the benefit of all, would you please observe the following basic naming convention rules :-

-              Use alpha characters a though to z and A through to Z

-                  Use numeric characters 0 though to 9

-                  Use an underscore character (ie. _ [shift hyphen key]) instead of a space which avoids &20
         appearing in URLs

-                  Avoid using & which appears as &amp in URLs

-                  Avoid using ? ! ; : @ = + $ , / | " @ < > ( ) % ~ # * These have special meanings to websites
         and internet browsers
-                  Avoid using any other characters including foreign language characters with accents, umlauts,
        cedilla etc.
Although certain characters may be permitted on PCs and on our network, they do not translate reliably, or at all, in internet browsers and may also cause the browser to crash or behave erratically
Observing the above naming convention will help to avoid access problems and also aid readability of Universal Resource Locators (URLs) when resources are viewed via internet browser based applications.