School Day

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that their child arrives punctually for the formal start to the School day at 8.45am.

The School is open to students from 8.00am with a breakfast service provided in Bailey Hall.

The School day ends at 3.15pm. Please be aware that the parent or carer is responsible for arranging their child's safe transport from school to home, not the School.

After 3.30pm, the School is no longer responsible for the safety of your child remaining on-site, unless they are participating in an after school organised activity for which you have given them prior permission to attend.

Activities cease at 4.30pm (with a few exceptions - e.g. after school fixtures) and no students should be on-site after this time, returning later for any evening activities.

07.30 School opens to staff
08.00 School opens to students
08.45 Registration

09.05 Lesson 1
10.05 Changeover 1
10.10 Lesson 2
11.10 Break
11.30 Lesson 3
12.30 Changeover 2
12.35 Lesson 4
13.35 Lunch
14.15 Lesson 5

15.15 End of compulsory school day
15.25 After school enrichment activities
16.30 School closed to students
22.00 Buildings closed to all users, including lettings.