History of the School

The history of our school dates back to 1641 when it was established as a charitable foundation as a result of a local churchman Ezekial Barkham's legacy. It is understood that our name was derived over time as a result of the blue dyed uniforms that were provided for the original pupils.

Our students are encouraged to take pride in the school's history, which is celebrated annually by each Year 7 in a Founder's Day Service, and to value the traditions which have contributed.

As a Church of England School since foundation, we try to apply Christian values in our interactions with each other and in our assemblies, whilst recognising the differing religious backgrounds of our school community.

After over 350 years of educating the children of Wells and surrounding areas, the future appears to be secure, The Blue continuing to thrive as the largest, state maintained, all inclusive 11-18 years school in Somerset.