Staff ICT User Guide

Essential Information About ICT For New Staff

Click on the link to open the Staff ICT User Guide (revised June 2019) which cover the following topics. 


1    Getting access to the school network

2    Network Drives

2.1          Using a Cloud Storage, USB Flash Memory Drives or other removable storage devices

2.2          File Formats

2.3          Internet based access to files and ‘Cloud’ storage

2.4          Basic Use of the school information system -

2.4.1 Logon

2.4.2      Producing useful lists

2.4.3      To Complete Electronic Registration - Teachers

2.4.4      Producing a photo list of tutor group or class

3   Using our Office 365 for Business including the school email service

3.1          Email

3.2          Changing your email password

3.3          Changing the default ‘Reply All’ to ‘Reply’ for emails

3.4          Disabling your Clutter folder

3.5          Setting home page to Mail Inbox instead of Apps

3.6          Configuring iOS and Android Devices to use SCC Email

3.7          Notes about Email and online access to student information, child safeguarding and security of data

4   Internet – Blocked/Filtered sites and content

5   School Network - WiFi Network

6   Connecting to the wireless network

7   Student email accounts, GoogleApps & Google Classroom

8   Acceptable use policy (Example, Staff Version)

9   School Campus CCTV

10 Changing the school network password for a student