Coronavirus Google Classroom

Google Classroom is our online learning platform.
  • Students should log in to Google Classroom using their email address and the same password they use to log in to computers on the school network.
  • Students can click on the links below to search for specific classes for their different subject areas if they are yet to receive an invitation from subject staff to the Google Classroom.
  • If they need to, students can ask their teacher questions about the work they have been set by posting comments on the 'stream' function on the class page.  Everyone in the class will be able to read the comments.  The teacher will then respond to all students using the same stream, typically within 48 hours.
  • Work will be regularly updated within each subject area but the code for each class will remain the same.
  • Students can submit work to their teachers, using Google Classroom.  For instructions on the different ways to do this, see our student guide here.