Epraise is an online rewards and behaviour monitoring system which aims to both motivate students and enable parents/carers to actively engage with various aspects of the children's school life.

Via the epraise website or, via the epraise app, students can:

  • See the Praise Points they are rewarded
  • Spend the Praise Points on a variety of items from entries to exciting prize draws to food from the school canteens and school equipment
  • See the Demerits they are given
  • Sign up to Enrichment Activities
  • View their timetables

Simarly, parents/carers can also login online and are able to:

  • Track the Praise Points and Demerits their children have
  • Monitor attendance and punctuality
  • Sign up their children to Enrichment Activities

How to login:


  • Go to the school website and click on the epraise button. You will now be on the login page.
  • Enter your school username and password and hit 'login'


  • Go to the school website and click on the epraise button near the bottom left hand corner of the homepage
  • Click on the parents' tab
  • Enter your email in the first field and leave the password field blank
  • Click 'login/register'
  • Epraise will send you an email that contains a link to create your password (please check your junk mail if the email doesn't come through)
  • Enter that password into the password field and you will be able to access your account

The email address which we currently have for you is the email you need. If your email address has changed and is no longer what we have on record for you, you will need to let the school know before you can register successfully.

Using the app on your smartphone

The app does not have everything you can see on the full website but it is a great way to quickly check points, demerits and enrichment activities.

  • Download from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Select 'The Blue School' from the list
  • Make sure you are on the 'students' tab if you are a student or
    the 'parent' tab if you are a parent/carer and enter the same login details as before.