Epraise Launch

Praise Points mean Prizes!

This term an exciting and brand new online rewards and behaviour monitoring system called ‘epraise’ is being introduced. Epraise is designed to do three things: motivate students, engage parents and save our hard working teachers time.

Students, parents/carers and staff will now be able to easily see the Praise Points, which have now replaced credits, which staff award students in Years 7 to 11 for their successes both inside the classroom and as members of the wider Blue School community. In addition to this, students are now able to sign up to any of the many enrichment activities available to them and parents/carers can sign their children up to them too! The Demerits, which have replaced Behaviour Points, that students may be given can also be monitored via epraise as well as our students’ attendance.

Our students will now be able to spend their Praise Points either in the online shop, accessible through the school website or via the epraise app, or in our new epraise shop in the Learning Resources Centre at The Blue School. Students can spend their points on a variety of items from food and drink from the school canteens and stationery to entries to prize draws for more exciting ‘higher value’ prizes. There will still be prizes for the students who earn the highest number of Praise Points at the end of the year. We hope that this new system, as well as further motivating our students with their studies so that we can build on the successes of this summer, will help to develop our students into young people who contribute positively to school life and the wider community.

Parents/Carers will receive a letter in the post that is also in the ‘Letters Home’ page of the school website with instructions on how to register and students will be given instructions on how to register and time to do so in school.