Blue School Council

The Blue School hosted its inaugural BSC Conference in September with over 150 students attending over 2 days. The Conference was delivered by ex Blue School student and Learn to Lead executive Max Jeffrey.

The Conference enabled Blue School Council teams the chance to carry out detailed planning for the year ahead and also receive training in areas such as leadership, communication and working as a cohesive team. The Learn to Lead organisation pride themselves on providing training that will enable students to lead their own teams and ensuring all students have a voice over key decisions that are being made. The Blue School students certainly rose to the occasion and the challenge is now to put those plans into action as we move through the year.

The Blue School Council currently has 16 active teams in operation but there is always room for more. If you have a passion and want to be part of a team or create your own, head to see Mr Higgins in the BSC at lunchtime.