Statement from The Blue School

We have had an immensely positive start to the school year at The Blue School.  However, we do need to provide an update following an incident that occurred in school last week and the subsequent speculation that has arisen on social media.

Parents and others will be aware that in many communities there is some abuse of illegal drugs. This sometimes gives rise to social media posts which are often inaccurate and based on hearsay or gossip.

Whenever an incident arises, of whatever nature, the school has a duty to safeguard the interests of all individual students.  This school takes this duty very seriously. The school will never be drawn into public debates about possible incidents or individuals. 

Safeguarding is a duty that we would hope parents and the community also recognise they hold.  There is a significant danger that in seeking to judge any individual, and the school, social media provides a potential risk to the safety and well-being of individuals at the school.  The school considers that contributing to this risk is harmful and we ask all those involved not to continue.

We do recognise that some parents may be concerned. Any parent who is concerned about an issue that affects the school can of course contact the school directly. 

The abuse of illegal drugs is not a widespread issue inside school, although we are aware of individuals in our community for whom this is a problem.   Where it does arise, we would like to reassure parents and carers that the school’s stance is robust and clear; severe sanctions are applied if there is evidence of this abuse.  We routinely monitor all parts of the site and have CCTV throughout.  Where students identify a concern, systematic and thorough investigation work, including searches, are undertaken.  It is through all this work that the school can be clear about the evidence of the limited, but potentially harmful, extent of the problem.  We work very closely with the police to identify those non-school members who cause us concern and put the safety of our students at risk.

All external agencies have highlighted the strength of the school's safeguarding in all its forms, and we continue to do all we can to ensure our students are safe whilst in our care.  In addition to the significant PHSE programme for students, educating them about the effects of harmful substances, we liaise closely with a wide range of external agencies.  Furthermore, we run parenting sessions to educate parents and carers about a broad range of issues, including drugs awareness, to help support young people through their teenage years.

At the start of this school year, our students have shown a great pride in their school and a willingness to set high standards in all aspects of their school life.   We look forward to the community continuing to support the young people to achieve their ambitions and to set the best example of how to live their lives.

Mr M Woodlock, Headteacher

17th September 2018