Moodle is the online Virtual Learning Environment we use. 
It is hosted onsite at The Blue so although it is web based, using it on the school network is not subject to internet service capacity or availability.
You can access Moodle from the Buttons Page which loads when you logon to the school network or you can click on the button in the bottom left corner of the front page of the school website. 
If you are accessing it from the school network you will be directed straight to your Moodle home page.
If you are accessing it from elsewhere, including via the school WiFi, you will need to log in with your usual school network credentials.
Click here to view a Moodle Quick Start Guide to help you get started.
Click here to view the MIS Block Teacher Manual which gives you detailed information on how to access SIMS based information from within Moodle.
Click here to visit the main Moodle document site on the internet, which is a large repository of useful information about Moodle.