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School's Health & Safety Policy


Covid-19 Home Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Testing

All students will receive the offer of two on-site Orient Gene LFD tests at the beginning of September 2021, one before starting school after the summer holiday.  The school will then issues kits to each student for home testing thereafter.  The Government will be reviewing the continuance of home testing at the end of September 2021.

In line with current Government Guidance we are asking students to take a home LFD test twice a week.  Sunday and Wednesday evenings are suggested as a regular pattern.  Testing is voluntary.  NHS Test and Trace request that all test results are reported to them.  Please see the letter below for more guidance on how to take the test, process it and report the result.   Please note that from summer 2021, NHS Test and Trace are replacing Innova with Orient Gene Test Kits that do not require throat (tonsils) swabs.   

Test kits issued by the school are for use by students attending The Blue School.  They should not be used by other family members. Test kits for other family members can be collected from local collection points - details below.

Covid-19 LFD Hone Testing - What do I need to do?  Orient Gene Video (Nose only)

Covid-19 LFD Home Testing - What do I need to do?  Innova Video   (Nose and Tonsils)

Covid-19 LFD Home Testing - Letter including guidance and FAQs.

Covid-19 LFD Home Testing - Privacy Notice

Covid-19 LFD Home Testing - Kits for other family members 

Covid-19 Risk assessments

Covid-19 School Operation 

General H&S Guidance for students

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Be aware of your personal safety and act with due care for the safety of others at all times.

Don't forget - good health and safety is simply applying good common sense!

First Aid and Medical Conditions

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